The management of a breeding is not easy matter. In order to facilitate this occupation, it is advised to know his herd as well as possible. The simplest method to work in this way is to register his animals in the herd-book.

The registration allows :

  • To know individually each animals, their pedigrees and their morphological characteristics via the linear score.
  • To control the inbreeding thanks to the adapted data-processing programs of AWE & VRV. That strongly helps to choose the most suitable sire, whatever he is of AI or of natural serving. 
  • To compare with other breeders, what helps to progress quickly towards an elite breeding. The sales of breeding animals in Belgium or abroad could be one happy consequence of it.
  • To have access to the Bovine Selection Centre via the results of the linear classifications of the cows.
  • To prove easily the value of the herd to the insurances at the time of accident or major medical problems.